Your doorbell rings.

It’s a salesperson.
She’s offering some kind of powder that'll clean your carpet and…
          You cut her off, say “No thanks!” and shut the door.

Because you’ve got more immediate problems to solve:
          • Company’s coming and you need to polish your dinnerware
          • Your cat’s litter box reeks
          • You’re out of toothpaste
          • That itchy bug bite on your arm is driving you crazy
          • You’ve got indigestion
          • Oh, and there’s a grease fire blazing on your stovetop!

If only her product could have solved THOSE problems!
          Actually, it could have…


...But she never had the chance to learn what your problems were!

You run a radio station.

So your immediate concerns might be…

         • energizing the troops at the weekly sales meeting
         • perking up lagging quarter-hour cumes in midday
         • upselling a client with a visible promotion in her store
         • adding a "conversation starter" to your call-in talk show
         • small shops on your account list unable to buy a full ad schedule
         • out-of-town franchisee owners, impossible to meet with personally
         • the free 2pm feature (with a national sponsor) was suddenly discontinued

Or maybe you just need a proven way to sell 1,000 more cash ads every year.

Well, we’ve solved problems like those for 35 years.
Many of the tools are right here on this website.
But we can be even more helpful once you tell us where it hurts.
Here’s the direct line to our Chief Sales Therapist, Richard Teimer