November 2, 2020:   Celebrate Radio’s Centennial!

Commercial radio was born when KDKA Pittsburgh broadcast returns of the 1920 presidential election.
(Spoiler Alert:  Warren G. Harding won).

A century later, the great-grandchildren of those listeners are dealing day-to-day with a pandemic.
They've turned to an indispensable friend… their local radio station.   You.
Through the years, of course, radio has always been there.
So as you celebrate radio’s centennial this year, the sounds of the past century should be there, too.

We've got them for you.

Hundreds of 20-second stereo FlashBack Images ("FBI's"), crafted from the Time Capsule archives:

      Events...   Sports...   Movies...   TV shows...   Fads...   Classic Commercials

Use 'em to intro any song in your library from the past 100 years.
Your PD, of course, will select the songs that these FlashBack Images introduce.
A little further down this webpage, you'll hear how they might sound in your format.

But first, try the "FBI Challenge"

See if you can identify these "real life" sounds from...


Okay, ready to hear how FlashBack Images would sound on your station?
Just choose your format... & scroll to your favorite decade!
(Remember, YOU'LL select the songs from YOUR music library)

Classic Hits, A/C, Oldies stations:

For Country stations:

They’re available in Decade Packages, so you can select the years that correspond to your playlist.
With at least 10 FBI's from each year, you’ll have plenty of choices!