Behold... 3 ready-to-use presentations!

      • A stand-alone, interactive video presentation (no salesperson presence required)
      • 8 different video examples of the Time Capsule (choose one during in-person presentations)
      • 32 different audio examples of the Time Capsule (select one during in-person presentations)

We'll begin with the one that's most popular.
(It's also the best way to introduce Time Capsule at your weekly sales meeting!)

Online Presentation to Advertisers

This… is the easiest and most powerful way for you to present the Time Capsule to your prospects.

It’s a fun, interactive video your prospects can enjoy on their own computers, tablets or smartphones.
In only 7 minutes, they’ll know why your Time Capsule platform will attract extra attention to their message.
Then they’ll be prompted to sign up with you.

Got an “Advertise With Us” section on your station’s website?
Why not add this animated graphic… and link it to the presentation!

But first, try it for yourself.   Make sure you’ve got your speakers (or headphones) on.
Then click on the cartoon gentleman… and see exactly what your prospects will be seeing!

In-Person Video Presentation

If you're presenting the Time Capsule in person, you won’t need the little fellow to make your sales points. You can do that yourself, using the Quiz and Answer segments alone. The image on the left will take you there.

Have your prospect select her favorite decade.   She’ll hear a quiz and get to choose from four possible answers.  
Once she pushes the correct button, she’ll hear the answer and a chunk of the #1 song from that month.
You can even award a prize (Kit-Kat!) for a correct guess on the first try.   Why not make it fun?

You’ll be there to describe how a “vertical” schedule will reach more listeners, the value-add of the promos, and how Time Capsule contest winners can become her regular customers!

In-Person Audio Presentation

Your sales team is already skilled at presenting radio features from smartphones & tablets.
Here’s where they can instantly summon any of 32 different Time Capsule Quizzes.
We’ve posted four each from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s — in both Pop & Country formats.
To access them, just click the CD on the left!

Tactic #41:   Ask Ms. Prospect when she was in high school.   Select a quiz from that decade.
When the quiz portion finishes, pause the playback for a moment.   Ask her to guess.
Then remind her that nobody gets to hear the answer until they’ve first heard… her ad.
See?   You’ve just demonstrated the Time Capsule platform.   Okay, now play the answer.

P.S.   If she guessed correctly (or came “close enough”) why not be a hero & give her a Starbucks gift card?

We’ll also provide at no charge:

      • Customized one-sheets (with your logo and rates) to leave with prospects
      • “E-mail escort” copy, so you can easily invite your prospects to the Presentation (just substitute your call letters)
      • Personalized thank-you letters to every Time Capsule sponsor you sign!   Just fill in & email us this PDF form


Before you begin selling, please contact us to make sure your market is available.